Reserving a Motor Coach

All Valley Charters makes booking your next charter bus simple and pain-free. Follow these steps reserve your next motor coach.

When to Book:

We suggest that you place your reservation as soon as you are aware of your travel plans to ensure availability. Rates are based on availability and may change, so book early to get the lowest rate for your trip.

What Information You Need:

When you email us, you will need the following information:

  • Contact information (name, mobile phone number, email address)
  • Date, time and location of pickup
  • Date, time and location of destination – details are important
  • Requests for pick-up and drop-off stops along your route
  • Additional Requests


Your Quote:

Quotes are based either on miles traveled, hours or a daily route. If you are traveling long-distance or between states, you will most likely be quoted a rate based on mileage.

Please be aware that regulations permit your driver to drive a maximum of ten (10) hours per day with fifteen (15) hours of duty time. Eight (8) hours of rest is required for your driver between shifts.

If you are traveling overnight, you are required to provide a non-smoking room for your driver. Many hotels will provide a comp room when you reserve a large group. Don’t be afraid to ask! Another to ask if there is bus parking at your hotel.

Charter party is responsible for driver’s meals. FYI – most fast food restaurants will provide a complimentary meal to driver.

Selecting the Right Vehicle:

Charter Bus: Our charter buses or motor coach holds 55 or 56 passengers. It is our most popular option for both short and long distance travel. Each motor coach is ideal for large group transportation including sporting events, corporate outings, school outings, and cross country tours. Most buses are equipped with PA systems, reclining seats, overhead storage, and restrooms. WiFi coming soon.

Mini Bus: The mini bus holds 38 passengers. This unit is ideal for small to medium size groups who need a versatile vehicle. Common uses include shuttles, private parties, airport transportation, and even long distance traveling. This unit is equipped with overhead compartments for storing luggage and also rear luggage are. No restroom.

One (1) Week Prior to Your Trip:

We will require your final itinerary with a contact name and cell number. Please include addresses, rest stop, and meal stops. Your driver will be going by your itinerary. 

If you need to make any last minute changes to your itinerary, please call our office.

The Day Before Your Trip:

The day before your trip you will receive an email with your driver’s name and phone number.

The Day of Your Trip:

When the day of your trip arrives our driver will report 15 minutes prior to the time you have requested, be sure to arrive on time at the pickup location. Your driver will assist your group in loading their luggage on the bus. We advise that your group use the lavatories before boarding the bus.

Ready to Book?

Book early to get the lowest rate for your trip.

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